Community Guidelines

C As a Upper Dir partner, it’s important to follow Upper Dir community guidelines because these guidelines help to keep Upper Dir a great community for users and advertisers. a great The partner should respect Upper Dir Community Guidelines which stated below: Each partner will be in-charge for their own Union Council. Partners profile detail will be officially announced on the Upper Dir website through which local people can also contact them (Official Partners).  Each partner will have their own username & password through which they can publish content on Upper Dir website with respect to community guideline. There are many benefits of partnership but some of the most important are listed below through which partners will earn 50% revenue.

Developing Website

Upper Dir will be responsible to develop a website for each person and business in union council. If the partner bring any type of website development project from his Union Council then he will be paid 30% of money. The partner will also get 50% money for hosting charges per year from that project.

Maintaining Websites

After developing each website project then the partner will be train that how to  update or maintain that project regarding to the customers future requirements then he will also get 50% for maintaining.

Publishing a page

The partner have the privileges to publish page on Upper Dir website on the person & business name e.g., or The partner will give access (Username &  Password) of that page to the appropriate person or that businessman then he can login from anywhere and anytime to update his/her page according to their requirements. The partner will get 50% of revenue per year by charge for publishing each page for the customer.

Selling advertising space on website

The partner can sell advertisement spaces on the left and right side of the Upper Dir website for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. They can give a username & password for each specific advertisement spaces to their customers. Therefore, the customers will have their own login through which they can promote their business or campaign by frequently updating banner ads, video ads and article ads to their appropriate advertisement space on Upper Dir website.

Creating ads

Upper Dir will provide opportunity to create different type of advertisement (e.g.,  banner ads, video ads, gif ads and many more) for their customer targeting to promote their business or campaign. The partner will get 50% of ads creating revenue by bring such type of work.

Publishing ads

The partner will have privilege to publish customers advertisements on the website with respect to community guidelines. The partner will get 50% of revenue for publishing such ads on the website.

Publishing commercial news

The partner will get 50% for publishing some commercial news on Upper Dir website according to the customers requirements.

Creating online shops

The partner will have the privilege to create online shop in our website according to the business name of the customer. The customer will have username and password to login to his/her shop from anywhere and anytime. The customer will update his/her shop according to his/her business products/items. The partner will get 50% of revenue by charging the customers per year for their shops.