Handicrafts in Upper Dir


The people are living close to forests and wood that is why they are great experts of carpentry and engraving wood are their favourate hobby. The sign and symbol of their art still exist in old mosques and houses and the engraved pillars and other types of wood, window and door. The women make Kundwan (Flour storing earthen cavities), Tanwari (Grain storing wooden cavities) and Basket. They also make Dulai (A wood frame with proper covering and a deal used for carrying bride to the bridegroom house). The famous handicrafts are Lamsi (A carpet made of wool of local animals) and Palace (the leather of animals dried and cleared for prayers). The women make local fashion basket from Ghawarija (A small herbal plant with elastic straws used for basket), Parwata (A creeping plant with week roots and serving a food for animals) and Berang (An oak like evergreen tree whose leaves are used as fodder), hamlets, Caps and Tandoor (bread oven) are the famous handicrafts made by local women.

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